Creating a Succulent Planter

Pigment, San Diego CA

I recently discovered the cutest store in North Park, San Diego called Pigment. Apart from lovely home decor, party supplies and accessories, Pigment has a studio where you can put together your own succulent planters! I absolutely love this idea and think it is such a fun and creative activity to do with friends, to make as gifts or to make a lovely planter for your own home. 
At Pigment, you can choose from a variety of glass and ceramic pots, small and large succulents and cacti, and beautiful dried flowers. You can begin to create the aesthetic of your planter by choosing the sand color you want and from there you can also pick stones, geodes, crystals and orbs in any color of the rainbow you desire.
If you don’t get a chance to stop into pigment here in San Diego, you can always gather the items to make your own at home. I’ve laid out the steps to creating your own planter below!

 Step 1: Pick a pot and fill it to the top with soil

Step 2: Plant the succulents in the soil then fill in the planter with sand. (I used a brush to get the leaves of the plants soil and sand free)

Step 3: Add in any air plants or dried flowers
Step 4: Add your finishing touches such as geodes, crystals or glass orbs.

Celebrating 23

Miette, San Francisco CA

 Last weekend I took a trip up to San Francisco to celebrate my 23rd birthday with friends and family! While up there, I visited my favorite little pastry shop, Miette, with my sister. Miette has the most adorable decor and scrumptious displays of candies, cupcakes, and so many more yummy treats!
Sweater: Free People // Jeans: Abercrombie // Sneakers: Adidas
 If you’re ever in the bay area I highly recommend stopping into this lovely spot either at their Hayes Valley location or at the location in the ferry building. My favorite treats from Miette are their old fashioned cupcakes, their walnut shortbread and the Belgian chocolate they carry called Cote S’Or.


Hillcrest, San Diego CA

It has been SO hot this summer and ice cold lemonade is the perfect thing to cool you down from the sun. I recently tried out the new Lemonade restaurant that we have in San Diego! They have so many lemonade options and you can mix any of the flavors together! I mixed the guava limeade with the original lemonade. It was seriously the best lemonade I’ve ever had.
Top: (similar here) // Earrings: Tiffany’s 
They also have a ton of lunch options from mixed salads, to toasted sandwiches to pastas, stews and yummy desserts. The architecture inside is also quite amazing!

Marble Nails

 I am IN LOVE with all things marble. Even more so all things PINK marble. I have a pink marble phone case, a marble planner and seek out marble accessories everywhere I shop.
 When I first saw a photo of marbled nails I was obviously obsessed and had to try it. You can do this technique on regular nail polish, gel or acrylic nails. I did this over a matte gel manicure that I had done. Since I didnt want to apply a whole coat of regular top coat over my gel matte topcoat i just did the marble detail and let it dry.
You can use a black or dark grey nail polish or if you don’t have either of those, mix some black eye shadow with clear nail polish. You want to look at a photo of marble and try to replicate the veins. I found that doing the “cloudy” areas first, then adding the blacker thin veins worked best. You can even use a permanent pen to do the thin veins! Hope you guys love this marble manicure as much as I do!

Dreamy Drip Cake

For this cake I decided to combine 3 cake trends: Watercolor frosting, chocolate dripping and ombre cake layers! I’ve had so many trial and errors baking and decorating cakes over the years and I finally discovered a few tips that made cake-ing so much easier!
Here are some basic tips that will be a huge help when baking any kind of cake!
1. My first tip is to freeze your cake layers for 30 min-1 hour before doing the crumb coat, this will also make it SO much easier to trim off the domes of the cake layers if they didn’t bake perfectly flat
2. Next you want to do the crumb coat and then refrigerate the cake so that when you put on the final buttercream it is chilled!
3. To get perfectly smooth sides, use a round board the same size as your cake layers (I used the bottom of the springform pan that I used to bake the layers) on top of your cake when frosting the sides so that the knife has something to hit against and keep it straight! This is a HUGE help in getting that professional look. 

T-Shirt Dress + Sneakers

La Jolla, CA
Dress: Abercrombie //  Sneakers: Adidas
One of my favorite outfit combinations is wearing t-shirt dresses with sneakers. I’ve been obsessed with these white Adidas lately and love wearing them with casual dresses.When I’m out and about or on vacation and know I’m going to be walking a lot, I love being able to wear a cute dress and be comfy in sneakers at the same time. This striped dress is so comfy and has the perfect sleeve length for transitioning to fall. I don’t know about you guys but I cannot wait for fall!

Coffee & Flowers

Communal Coffee / Native Poppy

North Park, San Diego CA
Top: Madewell // Denim shorts: Urban Outfitters // Sandals: Urban Outfitters
When I heard of a Coffee and Flower boutique all in one I had to go check it out! As soon as you walk into Communal Coffee, the smell of fresh flowers from their counterpart, Native Poppy, hits you. It is such a lovely concept to be able to drink your coffee while watching a beautiful flower bouquet be put together.

Communal Coffee serves the most unique drinks, such as honey lavender lattes and white chocolate orange mochas! I went with the vanilla bean latte and it was absolutely delicious. The cafe also sells adorable jewelry, cards, and soaps! 

Shortbread Cookies

Recipe from Miette, San Francisco

Miette is the most charming little pastry shop in San Francisco, CA. It is filled with jars of candies and cookies surrounded by the cutest pastel decor. When I saw they had released a cookbook I was so excited! I could finally recreate their yummy recipes!

 Miette cookbook can be purchsed here

They are known for their scrumptious shortbread cookies which come is many varieties, from walnut to lemon, and of course I had to make them myself! I chose to make the classic shortbread cookies. If you too want to make these yummy cookies or any other Miette recipe I highly recommend picking up the book!

Candy Buffet

How to Assemble a Candy Buffet

When throwing a party I find that a candy buffet is always a success! This is a basic how-to on setting up a candy buffet. You can alter the buffet to fit your party’s theme. 
1. The first thing you want to do is set up your buffet against a wall so that you can use a backdrop or create one yourself by hanging a banner, garland or tassels behind it. (I like to you a combination of these in order to create a focal point)
2. Next you want to pick a simple tablecloth. White works for every occasion but if you prefer, you can pick a color that matches your theme or a table runner to spice up the tablecloth!
3. I love adding tassels to the front of my buffet that match my theme. I also like using flag banners that go with the party’s theme.
4. One of the most important things in a candy buffet is creating height. You want the pieces in the back to be the tallest (this is where you would use bulk candy) and gradually get shorter towards the front. I like using crates to add height and using taller candy like giant lollipops towards the back.
5. You want to include finger foods or foods that have the most detail (like cookies or cupcakes) towards the front.
6. I like to add a few “out of the box” elements to my candy buffet such as old fashioned coca-colas or kettle corn in classic popcorn containers. Depending on your theme, pick one or two items that you wouldn’t think of as “strictly candy” but rather as “sweet things”. This really takes your candy buffet to the next level.
7. Include cute utensils, plates or straws that match your theme. You can be creative when picking containers to hold them (ex I used a mason jar mug to hold my straws)
Cheers Balloon sign: Amazon // Side tassels: Target (I combined the gold tassels with the pink & orange tassels) // Tassels on front of table: Target // Crates: Walmart // Glass Jars: Ikea (similar) // Lollipops: Whirly Pop // Blush Cups: Oh Happy Day // Popcorn Boxes: Party City // Milk Bottles: Bed Bath & Beyond // Paper Straws: Party City // Candy Glasses: Ikea